Engineering with Concept

Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, you can rely on our engineering teams right from the start. Up to now, we successfully managed more than 4,000 projects from concept to implementation planning and will do everything we can to make your project a success, too.

Thoughtfully designed

With a great deal of know-how and a broad background of experience, our planning office creates the basis for a successful project. We project plants in the entire performance spectrum of modern automation technology – from the simple measuring point and instrument list to highly complex switchgear and control systems. In the course of a comprehensive analysis, we determine your industry-, company- and project-specific requirements, advise you and support you in all details.

The choice is yours: You are welcome to commission our planning office for your project or our flexible team on site – at a fixed price or on a time basis.

Reliably supported

We are at your side: A gat project manager accompanies you expertly from start to finish. Approachable at any time, he takes responsibility for the project and is committed to implementing your ideas and specifications as efficiently and cost-consciously as possible. He is in constant communication with our administration and the team and can therefore also integrate planning changes into the process without delay.

Every project is important: We are happy to handle the entire project for you, but we also carry out work that only affects parts of it.

Customized control cabinets

Based on your process engineering specifications, P&IDs, measuring point and consumer lists, safety considerations (HAZOP) and availability requirements, we develop the control cabinet layout, circuit diagrams, terminal and cabling lists. Safety is our top priority – at every stage: we observe the current standards and regulations, carry out the prescribed verifications and compile the documents for you clearly on paper or on data carriers.

In planning, we work mainly with proven CAE and CAD systems (Computer Aided Engineering/ Computer Aided Design) such as:

  • E-Plan
  • CAE33
  • Ruplan
  • Cosmos PT
  • gatPlan
  • Prodok
  • Aucoplan

Controls for the process

Companies and building operators are increasingly under pressure to automate processes to ensure constant production and availability. The associated increase in quality, safety and transparency as well as increased efficiency and, last but not least, sustainability are necessary investments. We adapt these controls to your needs and specifications and select the appropriate hardware for them. Our preferred partners and brands for programmable logic controllers (PLC) and control systems (also fail-safe) include, for example:

  • Siemens-Simatic S7, S7-1200/1500
  • Siemens BT Desigo In­sight
  • SAIA PG5 Controls Suite
  • Emerson Delta V
  • HIMA HiMatrix, H41, H51, HiMax
  • Yokogawa CENTUM
  • Allen Bradley Control­Logix

We also take care of your older controls or visualization (e.g. S5 and Coros). Please contact us for migration and upgrades! Furthermore we offer tools for communication between different programs, Scada systems (supervisory control and data acquisition) and SQL databases as well as software services like remote maintenance. Here is a selection of the tools we use:

  • Step 7, TIA Portal
  • Visual C++, Visual Basic
  • Delphi
  • Turbo-Pascal
  • Access-Basic
  • SQL-Server (z. B. per ODBC)
  • Oracle
  • COM
  • UML
  • Concept
  • Unity
  • SAIA PG5 Controls Suite
  • Iconag B-CON 2004
  • Siemens Desigo (XWorks, Toolset, RXT, Insight Engineering)

Measuring points and instruments

In every automation process, process values must be recorded and control instruments must be integrated. Process specifications and physical ranges, P&IDs with positions and pipe classes, instrument catalogs and accuracy requirements are the basis so that the best possible instruments can be designed and selected here. We prepare measuring point sheets and instrument specifications and procure the equipment on request.

Ex-I / SIL verifications

Do you operate plants with potentially explosive atmospheres or applications that are subject to functional safety guidelines? We take this into account during the planning stage, compile the necessary documentation and certificates, and perform the mathematical verifications.

We will gladly take care of the required certificates and support you in all other matters concerning Ex-i and SIL verifications.

Research & development

We like to think one step ahead – even beyond standardized processes: Many of our customers face challenges that require special technical knowledge and individual approaches. We are always happy to meet these challenges and develop customized solutions for them in the areas of software and hardware as well as in engineering, manufacturing and assembly. Some examples from our development work:

Luminaire testers

For a well-known German car light manufacturer we developed light testing devices for quality assurance of the outgoing goods. They check fully automatically the lights, which are partly produced in homework, for short circuits, missing contacts, power and brightness. The different sensors can be evaluated via flexible programming, so that numerous different types of luminaires can be tested on a single test device.

Remote maintenance system for Siemens S5 / S7

This device allows remote access for remote programming of Siemens PLC S5/S7 by connecting the control with a serial interface and ISDN telephone line. The software supplier is thus able to adjust the programming of the control at any time via remote maintenance in the system house. All that is needed is a communication link and, as hardware, two SIFAS devices (Siemens Remote Maintenance). These enable hardware-based locking and unlocking of access and thus offer maximum security.

TAMSY (Tank Farm Management System)

The Tank Farm Management System TAMSY, developed in cooperation with an operator, is used for the automation and operation of typical work processes in the operation of tank farms in the mineral oil industry:

  • Creation and handling of pumping orders for the storage of petroleum products from ships, tank cars, tank trucks or via pipeline
  • In-house pumping
  • Removal of petroleum products from storage
  • Monitoring of stock levels on the basis of tank gauges, incl. leak monitoring
  • Control of the absorber flow of gas recovery plants
  • Preparation of daily and monthly closing reports
  • Posting of product receipts and issues
  • Creation of statistics
  • Coupling to further (custody transfer) systems

gatPLAN: Proprietary CAE application for documentation of fieldbus systems

This software was developed by our engineers to enable plant operators to plan the field instrumentation of new plant components in a particularly reliable and cost-effective manner.

Connection lists, EMR location sheets and measuring point diagrams are required for installation and documentation, and the master data of the devices and components must be maintained in a timely manner – whether via fieldbus technology or conventional analog measuring points.

The gatPLAN software solves these tasks with confidence thanks to its singular database structure. It is used for the creation and configuration of measuring points and the design of the bus topology by the planner and works on the basis of Microsoft Access 2000. At present, a maximum of 99 PIs are provided; two segment couplers with two channels per PI, nine power links per segment coupler channel, nine field barriers per power link and four measuring points or valve boxes per field barrier.