Service on Demand

Industrial process plants should not only be professionally manufactured, but also well looked after and maintained: That's why we support you in all areas relating to the maintenance, inspection or monitoring of your plant. And this is completely independent of whether we have already worked together with you during planning, production or assembly.


Maintaining and servicing systems, checking them and repairing them if necessary has been part of our teams' everyday work for many years. We are happy to pass on our experience and well-founded know-how to our customers in this area as well. Our range of services includes:

  • Support, maintenance and servicing of EI&C equipment from field devices to switchgears
  • Support and service for control and process control systems
  • Recurring tests and inspections
  • Education and training of customer personnel
  • Spare parts management and stocking
  • Deployment of additional teams for plant shutdowns and overhauls

For service work in the area of control technology, remote maintenance systems with colleagues on call are available around the clock on request.


Feel free to commission our IBS engineers, I&C mechanics, software specialists and loop checkers for the commissioning of your plant – we will provide you with expert support. Our range of services:

  • Testing of signal paths from the field device to the process control system
  • Parameter setting of sensors, actuators, frequency converters, switching devices
  • Testing of the direction of action of actuators as well as the directions of rotation of drives
  • Initial testing of protective devices
  • Test of automatic function sequences
  • Logging and documentation of the functional test

Updates & migration

We ensure that the software used for your control system is always up-to-date. If necessary, we add software elements or replace the hardware used. This ensures the reliability and future viability of your equipment – a reassuring feeling.


We source what is needed for the I&C and EMSR system: In doing so, we adhere to your specifications and requirements or our own designs. We take into account the technical and economic aspects, including delivery times, and can thus offer you cost-effective and at the same time tailor-made solutions. We reduce interfaces and overlaps to a minimum through sensible coordination with the planning, production and assembly areas!