Energy & Environment

Energy is not everything. But without energy, everything is nothing! A secure and stable supply keeps our world running, from the functioning water cycle to the reliable storage of renewable energies. It is precisely the latter that is increasingly attracting the public's attention and the inventive spirit of entire nations – without conventional sources having lost any of their importance to date.

Our energy for your projects

With gat you have a strong partner at your side who supports you in all phases of your automation with stable solutions, well-rounded systems and permanently intensive service. For example in the areas of:

  • Firing technology
  • Waste water treatment
  • Water supply
  • E-/MSR assemblies
  • Machine controls
  • Automation of industrial power plants

Our successfully completed projects from the field of energy & environment:

Control skids for gas engines

For the fuel supply of the gas engines of a power plant, gat took over the planning, manufacturing and acceptance for a total of three skids for the control of the gas supply.

Burner control cabinets for liquefied gas carriers

For various shipyards and worldwide customers, gat develops and supplies control switchgear for the Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) on liquefied gas carriers – also for hydrogen.

Burner control for process heat boilers

gat received the order for the planning, delivery, control, installation and commissioning of two new process heat boilers from a plant manufacturer.

Upgrading the automation in the power plant

For a mining company, gat expanded the control networking of the energy and process steam supply of the sites. The goal: to increase availability and reduce emissions through optimized use.

Boiler & burner control for 120t/h industrial steam generator

gat took over the complete EI&C part for the industrial steam generator of a plant manufacturer, planned and delivered the burner and boiler control including connection to the site control system.

Migration of power plant control technology for plant network

For a large company with several locations, gat carried out the test and successful migration of the control technology equipment in the power plant network during ongoing operation.

EMSR technology for gas compressor in power plant

In the course of the new construction of a gas and steam turbine power plant according to the power-heat principle, gat supplied the EMSR installation and low-voltage distribution for gas compressor units.

Automation of sewage sludge transport in the power plant

gat planned and supplied the automation and EMS installation for a sewage sludge conveying system in the waste-to-energy plant. Execution and acceptance were carried out according to the power plant regulations.

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