Our Values

Social responsibility, fairness, equal opportunities and sustainability - these are not just buzzwords for us, but values that we take very seriously: Principles by which we orient ourselves and allow ourselves to be measured. They apply to day-to-day interaction at our sites as well as to our dealings with customers, partners and suppliers. We are convinced that not only our competence but also our attitude makes a significant contribution to delivering first-class work – and not only to reliably completing projects but also to leading them to success with pleasure and commitment as partners.

This is how we work.

We take responsibility and stand by our word. The partnership, trusting cooperation and the intensive personal contact to each customer and supplier are for us the cornerstones for the realization of responsible projects.


We make binding agreements and stick to them – whether it's about deadlines, safety regulations or services. In this way, we ensure that we can rely on each other and that our customers can rely on our work.


We give our best to every project. This also means that we continuously train and keep ourselves up to date with the latest technology in order to find the best possible solution for every task – or to develop it ourselves from scratch.


That's what we promise.

We have high quality standards for ourselves, our partners and suppliers. Therefore, we are only satisfied when we have been able to realize projects in the best possible quality! Many years of experience, solid expertise and a systematic way of working help us to decide with confidence – and to convince our customers with first-class results in the end.


We rely on foresight and flexibility in order to be able to make quick and goal-oriented decisions in the course of the project. Standardized processes enable us and our customers to move forward efficiently. At the same time, we are always looking for and finding innovative solutions for individual projects as needed.


Safety has many (good) sides at gat. We meet our customers' requirements for the highest safety regulations and keep ourselves up to date with training courses. Standards such as ISO 9001 and SCC** are a matter of course for us: All our processes and systems are certified and audited for safety, health and environmental protection.


That's what we stand for.

We believe in fairness in our daily dealings with each other. Whenever there is something to be clarified, we don't beat around the bush, but solve problems directly, factually and fairly. And that applies to customer contact as well as to our dealings with each other.


Family is very important to us – whatever that may be. That's why we are always ready to listen when it comes to balancing family and job in the best possible way! After all, as a traditional family business, we know how difficult this can often be.


We remain open-minded and like to deal with other views and new ideas. We treat colleagues and their concerns with respect and friendliness, as we do our suppliers and customers.


We think and act sustainably. In concrete terms, this means that we put long-term success before short-term profit and take our social responsibility very seriously. In all our projects, we take into account the protection of natural resources as well as sustainable production and fair working conditions. We have defined the concrete rules in the gat sustainability strategy, which is binding for all of us.


Our guidelines

We are pleased to provide you with our complete Declaration of Principles on the topics of quality, safety, health, environmental protection and social responsibility, which is binding for all employees, as a download.

The Code of Conduct for our suppliers and business partners can be downloaded here.