Shipping & Logistics

Anyone who sends people and goods on long journeys must be sure that their journey does not come to a standstill at any point. This is where intelligent automation solutions come into play to make the complex manageable and the control of interdependencies ever more efficient, safe and economical.

We make sure that everything flows – on water and on land

Managing complexity and systematically reducing it for those involved is the core of our work. To this end, security and high availability ensure that our customers feel they are in good hands at every stage of the project. You can rely on our experience in the following areas, for example:

  • Control engineering for fin stabilizers and rudder systems
  • Control systems for waste management plants in the cruise industry
  • Control for water supply systems in the cruise industry
  • Control for air conditioning and smoke extraction in warehouses
  • Control of GCU (Gas Combustion Unit) for liquefied gas tankers
  • Tank farm automation

Our successfully completed projects from the field of shipping & logistics:

New construction of tank farms for aviation fuel

gat was responsible for the construction of two new tank facilities with underground storage tanks. This included unloading facilities for KWG and TKW, control and instrumentation technology including content and flow measurements in the pump house.

Control cabinets & control boxes for fin stabilizers, rudder systems & oil separators

On behalf of a leading manufacturer of marine equipment, the gat team took over the planning and production of control cabinets for various applications.

Control cabinets for waste & fresh water treatment systems on cruise ships

gat took over the planning, manufacturing, programming and commissioning of systems for fresh water production, waste water and waste processing including waste incineration on cruise ships in various European shipyards and international shipping companies.

Control cabinets for waste treatment systems

gat designs, manufactures and programs the complete range of switchgear and control systems used to regulate waste treatment on cruise ships.

Burner control cabinets for liquefied gas carriers

For various shipyards and worldwide customers, gat develops and supplies control switchgear for the Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) on liquefied gas carriers – also for hydrogen.

Automation upgrade in water supply

For a chemical industrial park, gat upgraded the automation of the water supply system. This included the migration of controls including hardware, network technology, visualization and operation.

Modernization of loading automation for fuel tank farm

In a fuel tank farm, gat modernized the existing automation of truck loading based on current technology and customer requirements.

Steam boiler equipment for FPSO vessel

gat planned, manufactured & delivered the power distribution and supply as well as the control cabinets incl. programming and visualization for a total of three steam boilers of a FPSO vessel (Floating Production Storage and Offloading).

New development tank farm management system TAMSY

In cooperation with an operator, gat developed an innovative Tank Farm Management System (TAMSY), which automates the relevant workflows in the fully automated operation of tank farms in the mineral oil industry.

Wireless level monitoring in tank farm

Together with Emerson Process Management, gat supplied and installed wireless level measurements and sensors for wireless signal transmission of measured values for a tank farm operator's site at risk of lightning strikes.

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