Oil & Gas

Rising global demand, dwindling resources, energy transition, innovation and change: the industry is facing major challenges. And it faces opportunities that are at least as great – for those who are willing to move with the times and be one step ahead in terms of technology.

A safe basis for sensitive raw materials

We at gat are at your side – also thanks to our special expertise in the field of explosion-proof plants and functional safety. With our know-how built up over decades and our commitment to the highest reliability and precision, we support your work in the fields of:

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Tank farm automation
  • Conveyor systems/ storage facilities
  • Compressor stations/ distributors
  • E-/MSR installations
  • Control of GCU plants
  • Plant automation and instrumentation

Our successfully completed projects from the oil & gas sector:

New construction of tank farms for aviation fuel

gat was responsible for the construction of two new tank facilities with underground storage tanks. This included unloading facilities for KWG and TKW, control and instrumentation technology including content and flow measurements in the pump house.

Extension of a gas drying plant

For the extension of a central gas drying plant, the gat team carried out the complete EI&C installations, including planning and manufacturing of the low-voltage switchgear.

EMSR assembly of a compressor station

For compressor stations for gas transport, the gat team took over the skid assemblies and ancillary systems of instrumentation, air supply and trace heating of electrically driven turbo compressors.

Material supply and measuring point completion incl. testing

For the construction of a refinery, the gat team took over the specification, procurement and packaging of a complex equipment package.

Assembly work for the biggest shutdown in refinery history

During the plant shutdown, a new column for vacuum distillation 1 was erected via gat, and crude distillation 1 received a new column head (TOP 1). Rebuild work in the areas of furnace safety and district heating followed. Order volume: approx. 1.8 million EUR

Control skids for gas engines

For the fuel supply of the gas engines of a power plant, gat took over the planning, manufacturing and acceptance for a total of three skids for the control of the gas supply.

Control cabinets for turbo compressor with gas turbine

To secure the energy supply of a gas field, gat supplied the control cabinets including software for a turbo compressor with gas turbine drive for a German plant manufacturer.

Burner control cabinets for liquefied gas carriers

For various shipyards and worldwide customers, gat develops and supplies control switchgear for the Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) on liquefied gas carriers – also for hydrogen.

Modernization of loading automation for fuel tank farm

In a fuel tank farm, gat modernized the existing automation of truck loading based on current technology and customer requirements.

Steam boiler equipment for FPSO vessel

gat planned, manufactured & delivered the power distribution and supply as well as the control cabinets incl. programming and visualization for a total of three steam boilers of a FPSO vessel (Floating Production Storage and Offloading).

PCS7 system adjustments with preparation & implementation of migration

For a compressor station, we revised the existing control technology (four turbo compressors) as well as the operating station automation of the installed Siemens PCS7 control system to the current version of the APL modules in preparation for the upcoming migration to Vers. 9.

New development tank farm management system TAMSY

In cooperation with an operator, gat developed an innovative Tank Farm Management System (TAMSY), which automates the relevant workflows in the fully automated operation of tank farms in the mineral oil industry.

Renewal & automation of a compressor control system

gat took over the highly complex modernization of the automation and communication technology of a gas compressor station, inclusive processing of various control loops, control functions and sequence controls.

Wireless level monitoring in tank farm

Together with Emerson Process Management, gat Wireless supplied and installed level measurements and sensors for wireless signal transmission of measured values for a tank farm operator's site at risk of lightning strikes.

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