BabiSi – Your Safety Training Device

Safety and occupational health are among the focal points of our work. In developing the BabiSi tree bending simulator, we were able to combine our know-how in this area with sound technical expertise: The result is a training device that is easy to use and can be used flexibly almost anywhere, e.g. for firefighting, forestry and forest worker schools or professional associations.

Learning to assess dangers

Every year, numerous accidents occur after wind breakage during cleanup operations with a chainsaw: fallen trees that are wedged and braced, or even just rest unevenly on the terrain, behave decisively differently during sawing than trees without tension. When broken, the mass of the wood moves with great force, potentially endangering anyone nearby. Even experienced employees do not find it easy to correctly assess the tension conditions of fallen trees!

With the tree bending simulator, we have developed a device that simulates this situation and enables those involved to practice sawing the tree trunk without danger. The experience gained provides safety in practice, so that accidents can be avoided in everyday work.

How the tree bending simulator works

With the tree bending simulator, the various cutting techniques can be practiced on a fallen tree in a controlled and safe manner. The working platforms to the left and right of the trunk provide space for working freely on the clamped tree trunk. The breaking wood finds sufficient support in the holding devices, while the employee stands safely and securely next to the trunk.

The application is as simple as it is safe: The log is inserted into the holding devices of the tree bending simulator and put under tension with the hydraulic pump. Thanks to the ring-shaped design, the log can be tensioned radially in any direction, the pressure and the resulting deflection of the center of the log are infinitely variable. Now you can work on the tree! Once the trunk has been cut, it is pushed from behind and the next practice cut is possible. Here you can see the BabiSi live in action:

The tree bending simulator is built as a car trailer and can therefore be used almost anywhere. In addition, it works self-sufficiently and is not dependent on a supply of electricity, fuel or compressed air: All you need for training is a suitable tree trunk and your chainsaw.

The BabiSi for your training

As a flexible and uncomplicated training device, the tree bending simulator has already proven its worth many times over, e.g. in training courses for firefighters, forestry workers or THW task forces. The device is exclusively manufactured and distributed by gat.

If you are interested in the BabiSi or have any questions, please contact:

Torsten Franke +49 (0)3722 / 7329-25 Torsten.Franke(at)