Food & Beverage

I&C technology for a Hamburg spice mill

In the expanded port of Ham­burg, we are taking on the instal­lation of the com­plete I&C tech­no­logy for an exten­sive con­struction pro­ject: The site of a Hamburg ...

... spice specialist is being expanded to include a warehouse and production hall as an energy-efficient non-residential building. The new building includes administration and social rooms, production and delivery, the warehouse and the technical room for a future food sterilization plant (quick steam generator). A new air handling unit will supply air from the roof to the production rooms on the first three floors.
The I&C control cabinet regulates the electrical supply. A Siemens automation station of the Desigo PXC type is planned for automation, and a 10-inch touch control panel for operation, on which the faults, messages and parameters can be called up.

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